St. Johns Lutheran Church

Social Ministry

The social committee strives to support those in need both locally and those in need around the world. Our prayer is that as a congregation we come to understand why we support certain causes by providing education through reading material, guest speakers etc. over several months time. By doing so, we gain insight to how blessed we are and how we can bless others.

Our current projects are....

Refugee Sponsorship
St. John’s accepted community sponsorships for 
Zahra Hussein and her four unmarried children as well as Zahra’s oldest son Mohamed, his wife Miriam and two girls, aged 2 and 6. The Husseins currently wait in war torn Syria for permission to enter Canada.
St. John's participates in Wesley Urban Ministries' "Friends of Newcomers" program.

English Conversation Cafe

A six week conversation circle – Wednesday 07:00 – 08:30 pm – helping newcomers to improve their English; light refreshments, free of charge. Current Conversation Cafe runs until October 12, 2016.

Little Library
A place to simply rest in the shade of our church building or read one of the books and magazines available in the library box.

Community Wall

Our community board next to the church's main entrance invites you to share your thought on different issues. 

Living Rock

Angela's Place 

Eva Rothwell Centre

Reformation Challenge